Summercourse for woodwinds


During this four day summer course for woodwinds we offer you the possibility to work intensively on your repertoire, basics, technique and audition skills with some renowned and experienced musicians.
When you subscribe to this event, you will be asked to choose between two formulas. Your choice should be clearly indicated in your subscription letter and/or email:

1. Audition training: how to prepare an audition (theory and real life, instrumentally, mentally), how to deal with nerves?,… and many other questions we will try to help you to answer. People who subscribe to this training course will be asked to prepare a typical audition programme, to be determined by the music staff, so that we can come as near as we possibly can to a real life experience when weorganise our mock auditions.

2. Master class: how to interpret new music? How to solve technical issues like timbre (tone colour), breathing technique, vibrato use and control, intonation,…? How to master nerves?

To help you deal with the psychological side of playing under stress we have invited psychologist Stefaan Van den Putte to guide and advise you on this aspect of performing. During this course he will give an elaborate workshop on the optimal preparation of an audition or a concert. If you want to have individual sessions with this tutor during the course it is possible to make a reservation. During the course he is willing to offer you these one-on-one sessions for a substantially lower price.

Finally, on the last day we will conclude by asking the students to play at the audition (participants of the audition training) or at the final concert.
During the entire course the teachers will be happy to answer all your questions about auditions, choice of repertoire, trials,freelancing, career guidance, etc…

Clarinet: Nele Delafonteyne (principal deFILHARMONIE)
Flute: Edith Van Dyck (principal deFILHARMONIE)
Oboe: Karel Schoofs (principal Rotterdam PhilharmonicOrchestra)
Bassoon: Pieter Nuytten (principal RotterdamPhilharmonic Orchestra)
Piccolo:Peter Verhoyen (solo piccolo deFILHARMONIE)
Psycological Coach: Stefaan Van den Putte


FEE: 350€


Edith Van Dyck
Ernest Jouretlaan 25-7
B-2650 Edegem
+32 3 218 63 93
+32 494 45 95 59

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