Bassoon Exhibition Amsterdam

November, Saturday 26th 2011 – 12:00 – 17:00 at Holiday Inn Hotel, Room Manhattan, De Boelelaan 2, 1083 HJ Amsterdam On November 26th we will show a very good selection of different bassoons and bocals from Yamaha, Adler, Fox and Mönnig. We are proud to present the newest bassoon TOPAS from Mönnig. This bassoon is a professional bassoons for a very interesting price. On this day you can try and test all instruments and bocals and you can discuss your impressions with colleges and students while drinking coffee,tea or some soft drinks. You can come to the Holiday Inn easily by car or from Amsterdam Station by tram no. 4 or subway no. 51. During the exhibition you can contact: +49/171/5448121. Uwe Henze, Uwe Henze GmbH, Holzblasinstrumente und Zubehör, König Str. 82 – 84 – D – 41460 Neuss; Tel: +49.2131.1065.0; Fax: +49.2131.1065-23; Email: –

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