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Focus on bassoon

Groningen, the Netherlands, will feature an International Bassoon Weekend at May 13th and 14th, 2017, called: “Fagot centraal in Groningen” (“Focus on bassoon in Groningen”).

Venue: the Prince Claus Conservatory, Groningen city centre.

Main events are: a competition for professionals and students (modern bassoon as well as period bassoon); a competition for amateurs (3 levels); master classes by internationally renowned bassoonists; workshops on various bassoon topics, demonstrations of novel techniques and instruments (e.g. Contraforte); concerts by famous bassoonists; a market with bassoons, reeds, equipment, tools and sheet music. So, to put it briefly: lots of bassoon!

The organisation is by the Dutch Bassoonist’s Association FagotNetwerk, in co-operation with the Foundation FagotFestival and the Prins Claus Conservatory.

Below you find all the details about this unique event as well as the link to the application form for specific or multiple parts of the program. A festival pass for listeners can be ordered with the form as well. With a festival pass one can visit the master classes, concerts and competition, without being an active participant.

Fagot Centraal in Groningen will feature:

  • A competition for professional bassoonists (first round May 13th, finales May 14th). Click here for all information about the competition for professionals.
  • A competition for amateur bassoonists (first round May 13th, finales May 14th).
  • Master classes by Sophie Dartigalongue (principal bassoon of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra/ Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), Pieter Nuytten (principal bassoon of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra), Simon van Holen (contrabassoon player of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: master classes bassoon and contrabassoon), Wouter Verschuren (bassoonist of the Amsterdam baroque Orchestra: master classes baroque bassoon and performing practices of early music).
  • A program with workshops concerning modern playing techniques, bassoon maintenance, reed making, handling stage fright, light music, playing Contraforte and possibilities for ensemble playing.
  • Concerts by renowned bassoonists amongst whom the young star bassoonist Sophie Dartigalongue.
  • A market with bassoon manufacturers, reed makers, bassoon accessories, sheet music, CD’s and a lot more.

With the form you can apply for one or more of the following parts of the program:

  • participation in the competition for amateurs or the competition for professional bassoonists
  • active participation in a master class
  • participation in the program with workshops

When you you apply for one of these activities, you will have admission as a listener to all master classes, competitions and concerts.

The fees for one of these program sections are:

  • € 50,- when applying before February 1st 2017 (€ 40,- for members of the FagotNetwerk)
  • € 60,- when applying on or after February 1st 2017 (€ 50 for members of the FagotNetwerk)

Note: if you want to apply for more than one of the program sections, for example a contest and a master class, or a master class and workshops, you will pay €40,- extra for each program section.

You can pre-order festival passes (€ 20,-).

A Festival pass gives access to the concerts and competitions on May 13th and May 14th, as well as access to the master classes as a listener.

Festival passes can be ordered with the application form as well. A festival pass can also be bought at the counter (€25,-), subject to availability.

Applications will close on the following dates:

– May 1st 2017 for the competitions for professional and amateur bassoonists

– May 1st 2017 for the master classes and workshops

– May 1st 2017 for ordering festival passes in the pre-sale (price pre-sale: € 20,-)

On the actual days festival passes can be bought at the counter (€ 25,-) subject to availability.

For questions about Fagot Centraal in Groningen you can contact us on:

We hope to welcome you in Groningen!

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