The competition for professional bassoonists is open to all bassoonists  to whom apply one of the following situations:

– you are 17 years of age or older and attend the preparing class of a conservatory (main study (baroque-)bassoon)
– you are studying in the Bachelor phase at a conservatory (main study (baroque-)bassoon)
– you are studying in the Master phase at a conservatory (main study (baroque-)bassoon)
– you have finished your studies at a conservatory (main study (baroque-)bassoon)

You can participate on bassoon, contrabassoon and baroque bassoon.

Here you can find the most recent list of prices you can win.


The jury members will be:

  • Sophie Dartigalongue, principal bassoonist of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra
  • Jos Lammerse, principal bassoonist of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Marije van der Ende, principal bassoonist of the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
  • Mette Laughs, former principal bassoonist of the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Jacob Slagter, conductor and former principal French horn player of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
  • Thomas Oltheten, baroque bassoonist in the Apollo Ensemble
  • Biella Luttmer, Music Editor at “De Volkskrant”.

The program of the competition for professional bassoonists consists of a part of your own choice and an obligatory part. The program for the first round should not exceed 15 minutes. The program of the final round will last 20 minutes minimum and not exceed 25 minutes.

The obligatory part will consist of a choice of four pieces from the following compositions:

  • M. van der Aa – Ren de Fagot
  • M. Hamel – Weerlicht
  • W. Jeths – Bassoon Jingle
  • V. Lann – Happy Birthday 234
  • K. Moore – Rose
  • A. Noordegraaf – Red de Fagot
  • C. Tsoupaki – Red de fagot

Click here for all sheet music

In the application form you can indicate which pieces you will play. You must download the sheet music of the pieces you choose yourself from this website.

The part of your own choice of the program may consist of one or more compositions.

When you choose multiple works, these should be written in different periods of style.

NB: as a part of your application for the competition for professional bassoonists you have to send the organization an audio- or videorecording. The repertoire for this recording consists of:

– The first movement of the concerto for bassoon by A. Vivaldi in b flat major (RV 503)


– One of the following:

  1. Jeths –Bassoon Jingle
  2. Moore – Rose
  3. Noordegraaf – Red de Fagot

Send your recording before May 1st 2017 as a link or by using WeTransfer to:

Click here for the complete rules for the competition for professional bassoonists.

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